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Property Management

Our team of experts work hand in hand with some of the leading companies in Israel’s property market. JPMS has placed itself as a leading company with excellent customer service, outstanding staff and 24h availability to our clients.

Your property acquisition in Jerusalem will retain its value only if it is properly handled by knowledgeable professionals. As the oldest property management company in the city, JPMS has earned the trust of many investors who own residential and commercial property.

JPMS looks after your interests as the landlord, including any or all of the following:

  • Diligent maintenance and prompt repairs to safeguard property value
  • Rental to quality tenants only, with regular property inspections
  • Serving all tenant needs to ensure satisfaction and long-term occupancy
  • Regular reports on all key aspects of your property

JPMS serves Jerusalem primarily, but also manages properties in Tel Aviv, Modi’in and other areas.  We do accept inquiries about specific locations outside Jerusalem.