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About us

Jeffery Gilbert


Mr. Gilbert, an attorney licensed in the UK, immigrated to Israel in 1983. After four years of specialized real estate experience in Jerusalem, he established Jerusalem Property Management Services in 1989.

In 2006, Mr. Gilbert retired and passed the reins of JPMS to Mr. Sachs, his long-time friend and colleague in real estate since 1985.  He remains involved as a consultant.

Tony Sachs

Owner, CEO

Along with his real estate expertise, Mr. Sachs brought to JPMS a wealth of management and customer relations experience gained in his native South Africa and in Israel – Sales & Marketing Management for Hilton Hotels, Owner of four thriving businesses in Jerusalem’s Old City, a graduate of the University of Capetown (Accounting, Economics, Marketing), and a graduate of Israel’s tour guide course.

Mr. Sachs acquired his knowledge of JPMS in the most direct way possible, through hands-on exploration of every task.  His management of JPMS thus combines a firsthand understanding of each service that his company provides, energetic precision acquired from years in business.

Tony is well known for his finely tuned “people skills” for relating to clients and suppliers alike and love for Jerusalem and Israel gained during his 31 years in the Land.

Phone: 052-531-9292

Yonatan Sachs

Operations Manager

Yonatan Sachs is a wonderful, professional, personable  and caring man, who received his BA in Human Resources and his Masters in Sociology of Education from Tel Aviv University. While he acts with the utmost professionalism in using his expertise to solve every problem and complete every task, he manages to make every client feel special and pampered. His “hands of gold” can fix things that many others cannot, but Yonatan is not afraid to call upon other specialists when the job needs it.

He also knows how to oversee and supervise the work of others and will never leave a job until it is completed and the client is completely satisfied. Yonatan prides himself in taking all the worry out of the hands of the client. He is affable, friendly and beloved, while, at the same time, methodical and efficient in solving problems and resolving all difficulties at hand.

JPMS owes its credibility and its extraordinary client retention rate to the consistently high standards of its management team — people who say, “We care” – and it shows.

Phone: 054-476-4591

Nir Eliyahu Short term rentals Jerusalem

Nir Eliyahu

Short Term Rentels

Nir has joined the JPMS team as the short term rental manager. As such, Nir is in charge on all of our short term rental apartments and manages their day-to-day needs. He’s the go-to person when it comes to special requests. 

Nir has graduated from Ariel College with Bsc in electronics and as such he can advise and fix any electric problem that can happen to one of our many clients.
Phone: 050-728-7394

Channa Beskin

Office Managers 

Channa is our in-house office manager keeping all our invoices and payment in order. Channa is an essential part of our team and  in-charge of invoicing clients, vendors and transferring money.  

Channa has a strong background in accountancy and together with Tony (Bachelor of Accounting B.Acy) they supervise clients accounts and payments.


Bayla Shifra Zakuto

Executive Administrative Assistant

Bayla Shifra is our in-house administrative assistant and always keep a pleasant demeanor in the office. She handle all of the ins and outs of what our on-site workers deal with on a regularly basis for you in your homes. Bayla Shifra will keep you informed of what is going on in your home, with descriptions, pictures and attachments of bills.

If you have any questions or you need a clarification Bayla Shifra is always available to answer via email or phone.

Phone: 02-624-5977